Tour du Mont Blanc – View of the first morning

The mornings in the mountains are magical. The scents of pine trees, the sound of streams, and the song of forest birds complete the view of the high mountain peaks painted with the most beautiful colors of the morning. I can’t imagine a better start of the day

In recent weeks, it has become almost pointless to write about traveling and enjoying it. Covid-19 has changed our lives and especially the travel aspect. Travel rules change from hour to hour and any planning is more complicated than a 3D chess game. All the trips I had planned for this year were reduced to attempts to plan the impossible.

But I am sure that one day we will travel again and discover new horizons. Therefore, I continue with a series about one of the most beautiful world and European tracks – the Tour du Mont Blanc. For starters one very brief dawn view of the first morning on the TDM itself.

When I’m at home – I’m considered someone who likes to sleep longer. Getting up early at home has always been an effort for me. When I am in nature, I wake up very early with the first rays of the sun and the first song of the birds. So it was on the first morning of the Tour du Mont Blanc. Although I fell asleep very late, I woke up among the first. With the first coffee, this is a view I enjoyed.

I will let everyone experience this view in their own way without imposing my personal opinion on the scenes of mountain peaks bathed in the first rays of the sun. While enjoying the view, fasten your seat belts as very soon an adventure called the Tour du Mont Blanc begins.

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Author: Vuckovic Dejan

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