Lake Hallstatt: Gem of the true Beauty

When the Alps are discussed, everyone thinks of France or Italy. Switzerland is the next country on the list of those that have a connection with the Alps. If the list is to be expanded further, it is much more likely that the next country on the list will be Slovenia than one unjustly neglected gem: Austria.

The Alps in Austria extend from Vienna in the east and across Upper Austria and Salzburg in the far west of the country to the south across the far-famed province of Tyrol. The astonishing fact is that the largest area of ​​Alps is on Austrian territory. Stunning 28.7% of the Alpine massif is in the territory of Austria. The more famous France and Italy have only 21.4% and 27.2%.

As much as Austria itself is forgotten when it comes to the Alps, so much of the Salzburg area is forgotten when a conversation about the Alps in Austria is finally introduced. The Tyrol is the most frequently mentioned province of Austria related to the Alps. Totally unfair, if I may notice.

The Salzburg region is intersected by mountain ranges and very rich in glacial waters. It is also extremely rich in lakes. Amazing number of more than 180 lakes are located in this area. The lakes range from small to extremely large ones such as Attersee, Wolfgangsee or Mondsee.

In the near future, I will take you to some of these lakes. I have visited most of them in past years and I continue to visit them whenever I can. Today, just as this post began with an unjustly neglected country, continued with a province, the lake should be overlooked in the same manner. The lake that lies in the shadow of the famous city on its shores: Lake Hallstatt.

Named after the historic town of Hallstatt, this lake hides some authentic attractions. Numerous hiking trails, amazing bike routes, numerous waterfalls, salt mines, ice caves and much, much more. As an introduction to the story of beautiful Austria, Salzburg and Hallstatt, I welcome you to a vantage point on Mount Krippenstein that rises over Lake Hallstatt. Divine view of beautiful Hallstatt Lake from the top of the mountain is the end of today’s story and an introduction to the journeys across beautiful Austria.

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Author: Vuckovic Dejan

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