In love with Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon, the capital and largest city of Portugal is one of the most charming, charismatic and beautiful cities in Europe. At every turn, Lisbon shows you how the symbiosis of a modern city and tradition can be achieved. And the heritage of this city is centuries-old and rich.

I put Lisbon on the list of cities I have to visit a long time ago. I cannot say whether the fascination with culture, fado music, history, architecture or acquaintance with the Portuguese was crucial in that. Probably all those reasons together.

Over the years, plans have changed from cycling tour through Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal, through car tour along the same route to summer holidays on the beaches of Lisbon. In the end, the situation, busy work schedule, and an incredibly cheap last-minute plane ticket decided that my first encounter with Lisbon would be an extended weekend just a few days before Christmas.

I say ‘just extended weekend’ with full authority. In this city, rich with locations and events, four days is hardly enough to get acquainted with the city center. Not to mention palaces, castles, and beaches in the suburbs. I had the impression that four days never flew faster than during my short stay in Lisbon. A couple of walks through its vivid streets and I was already checking my flight schedule.

The beginning of my encounter with Lisbon was marked by a sunset reflecting off the building facades, traditionally lined with ceramic tiles. That first contact was enough to say that I was not wrong when I put Lisbon on my ‘must visit’ map.

The city is beautiful, charming, amazing. Among its streets radiating with tradition, rich heritage and the intense spirits of ancient times, I felt like I found a long lost home. And one glance at his rooftops was enough to make me fall in love with his stunning and chaotic panorama.

Finally, that evening, as the traditional funicular tram drove me to one of the many hill gardens from which I watched the nightfall on the rooftops, I had to admit that with every step, narrow street, the paved square, the garden, the roof … with every single part of this city I fully enjoy it. Enjoy it?!? ‘Love it’ are the right words.

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Author: Vuckovic Dejan

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