Fireworks of Autumn colors

Mountain Golija in Autumn

I first visited Golija, the mountain in southwestern Serbia, many years ago. I remember it as it happened today – I was reading texts and travel books on one bike tour site. Among the many offers for all the possible bike tours that you may imagine, one caught my eye in particular.

The title sounded bombastic as if it were created up by some marketing specialist: “Fireworks of autumn colors!”. Here, Golija was advertised as a unique location in Serbia and beyond. After a couple of phone calls, all I had to do was pack my backpack, pump up the tires on the bicycle and wait for the scheduled ride date.

As one of Serbia’s most beautiful and most forested mountains, Golija is placed under state protection and declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO since 2001. The numerous forests are the reason for the bombastic announcement of cycling happening.

Over 1100 plant species alternate on the slopes of this beautiful mountain and in the fall they are an unforgettable sight to admire. Those different plant species receive various colors at the varying time of the autumn. The view of the mountain range with all the shades of green, yellow and red is an unforgettable sight.

With many gorges, streams and cuttings added to this already beautiful scene, the fact that many call Mountain Golija the most beautiful mountain in Serbia gains weight and solid foundations.

I’ve been to this mountain many times and it always was in the fall. Interestingly, I never went to Golija just to photograph it. All my trips to this 1800 meter high beauty have been cycling related. However, now that I am saying goodbye to the cycling season and making an impression, I think next year in the fall I should plan a visit to Golija with full photo equipment.

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Author: Vuckovic Dejan

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