Gorge of river Gradac
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Untold stories: Gorge of river Gradac, Serbia

Beautiful Gradac is the cleanest Serbian river and one of the cleanest rivers in the whole of Europe

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Vinatovača, Serbia
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Looking for Vinatovača rainforest

Vinatovača is the largest, some say the densest and most mysterious rainforest in Serbia, where tree isn’t cut in more than 300 years.

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Danube wetlands on the left bank of Belgrade
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My Neighborhood

A few kilometers from the center of Belgrade, on the left bank of the Danube, lies a vast expanse of swamps and forests that are home to thousands of birds. In those days when the first autumn colors appear, this paradise for birds also becomes a paradise for the eyes.

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South Kučaj – An Unforgettable Mountain

In the east of Serbia, there is a huge forested area. Mountain Kučaj is 40 km long and almost entirely covered with rich forests of lush maple and ash. The southern part of this mountain, Southern Kučaj, is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the whole of Serbia. Although relatively modest in height, with the highest peak of only 1,284 meters, rich in waters and with a moderate climate, this area is considered…

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Mountain Golija in Autumn
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Fireworks of Autumn colors

I first visited Golija, the mountain in southwestern Serbia, many years ago. I remember it as it happened today – I was reading texts and travel books on one bike tour site. Among the many offers for all the possible bike tours that you may imagine, one caught my eye in particular. The title sounded bombastic as if it were created up by some marketing specialist: “Fireworks of autumn colors!”. Here, Golija was advertised as…

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Autumn Forest

To declare yourself as a fine art photographer is very nice but as a result, there are very high expectations regarding the quality of the published photos. This high standard should be maintained when it comes to portfolios or photographs that are offered as exclusive in small series prints, or as large format or in exclusive contracts with magazines. However, what happens to those average photos that are more common result of everyday work. What…

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