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Navagio Beach (Shipwreck beach), Zakynthos (Zante), Greece

The Greek island Zakynthos is rightly considered one of the most gorgeous places on the planet. Governed by Venetians in the 15th century known as the Golden Period, this island is a beautiful and colourful mixture of Greece and Venetia. Also known by its Venetian name – Zante, this island is commonly referred to as Greek Florence.

Just as Zante is one of the most beautiful places in the world, one beach on this island deservedly bears the title of one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. Even though its name is Navagio Beach, it is more known as Shipwreck beach. This beach with its turquoise waters, marble walls and rich greenery would be incredibly romantic even if it were not home to the wreck of a ship, as its name suggests.

Although the boat ran aground on this beach for completely unromantic reasons, while smuggling alcohol and cigarettes, it doesn’t matter. It’s one of the most beautiful views that Greece has to offer. This isolated place that can be reached only via water, and it has been declared one of the most beautiful places on the planet for a good reason.

Crystal clear water, marble rocks, olive trees, sun and wind … a day spent on this beach can bring you closer to the concept of perfect happiness than you hoped it was possible.

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Author: Vuckovic Dejan

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