Autumn Forest

To declare yourself as a fine art photographer is very nice but as a result, there are very high expectations regarding the quality of the published photos. This high standard should be maintained when it comes to portfolios or photographs that are offered as exclusive in small series prints, or as large format or in exclusive contracts with magazines.

However, what happens to those average photos that are more common result of everyday work. What to do with shots that emerge from experimenting with new techniques, looking at possible photo locations, or simply during relaxed days. The answer to this question is simple for me – most of my average photos end up on Stock sites.

For those who aren’t sure what I’m talking about, stock photography sites offer a large amount of graphic material at relatively affordable prices to those who need generic content. If you’ve been wondering where companies get those photos of smiling employees, where the travel sites get big-city metropolitan photography, or from where the sports photography of completely unknown athletes comes – the answer is Stock Photography.

Hundreds of stock websites offer countless photos on all possible topics. All you need to do is to search them for any term and you will get hundreds of photos of fruit, people in various circumstances, destinations, world monuments… I know photographers who specialize in stock photography and who throw out hundreds of photos every day on all sorts of topics. You may ask yourself – why hundreds and the answer is simple. Stock photos are surprisingly cheap. A photo in standard resolution costs about $ 1, much of which is taken by the stock site itself. I usually earn between $ 0.5 and $ 2 per photo depending on the resolution. When I pay taxes, I am left with literally cents and pennies. The conclusion is self-imposed: to live from Stock Photography, you have to sell a huge number of photos.

For me, stock photography is foremost a way to monetize those average photos. For years, I have been posting on stock sites all that comes from experimenting with new equipment or new techniques, all the photos that come from some non-photographic activities, as well as those that I think are not exquisite.

In front of you is the last such gallery. It was created just a few days ago during a walk on my favorite Belgrade park: Kosutnjak. The forest is beginning to take on fall color, and although the day seems a bit hazy, the truth is that these days Belgrade is going through a phase of very dense smog and all time record pollution. What a time to be alive.

The peace and quiet of this site can be interrupted by children’s laughter or song of the happy group on the field, but it still offers more isolation than any other location in the city. This is my favorite outing that I visit to relax, walk, drink coffee with friends or for a little off-road cycling. This time I decided to walk through the woods in solitude and silence, fill my lungs with oxygen and relax from the very busy week I left behind. The camera is always with me, so these photos were taken while I was enjoying those moments. As you can see, the forest is very near to those beautiful golden color and days full of scents and sounds of autumn.

I hope that my business commitments will not stop me from enjoying those most beautiful days of autumn when the forest is red and golden, when the air is full of the smell of hazelnuts, and when every step sings with the symphony of fallen leaves.

If you like these photos, they are already on Adobe Stock, my home stock site at very affordable prices. Or, if that sounds complicated, contact me at

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Author: Vuckovic Dejan

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