Ada Bridge, Belgrade

Continuing the story about urban photography is a completely unintentionally a story of yet another bridge. After the Liberty Bridge in Budapest, an local bridge came into the focus – the Belgrade Ada Bridge.

Ada Bridge is probably the most controversial Belgrade Bridge. From the beginning of its construction in 2008, through its commissioning in 2012 until today, opinions on this bridge have been divided. 

With no intention of quoting or standing on one side or the other, my opinion is that it is a very beautiful bridge. There is almost no Belgrade panorama, video,  postcard, movie, music video, which do not show the panorama of this bridge either.

The dominant detail of the bridge is the 207 meter high pylon with 80 cables holding the bridge. The bridge is 920 meters long, with a span of 375 meters. The carriageway is 45 meters wide. According to some sources, this is the largest bridge surface in the world suspended by just one pylon.

On the functional side, since the access roads were completed in 2013, this bridge has saved me countless hours. Just because of the fact that I use another bridge for daily commute to work, the Ada Bridge is not in the first place as my favorite Belgrade Bridge. But it is second 😉 

I recently had the opportunity to spend a couple of boring evenings near this bridge. When I say boring – that’s what I mean. Twice a week I spent a couple of hours near the bridge waiting for my son to finish his training.

Instead of spending evenings in cafes, I decided to take a walk and find a couple of frames from which the bridge would be photogenic. This is part of the photos taken. Not sure I found the right locations. The bridge is huge and changing the place from which it will be photographed requires a lot of walking and experimenting. I left some locations for nicer weather and other parts of the day. Some locations I didn’t manage to reach, and on some of them it turned out to be a tree or a building obscuring the view.

In any case, I will continue to occasionally visit the Bridge on Ada. Just for the reason that I did not found the location from which this bridge shines in full size and beauty. Until I find that scene, all the best!

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Author: Vuckovic Dejan

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