About Me

A little story

About Me...

Who am I?

Just some guy with a camera ... and a bicycle

Some time ago I had to give short info about me…
So I wrote:

Cyclist, Amateur Photographer, Mountaineer, Traveler, and a little bit Geek.

It’s still true…

What do I do?

shortly... I live!!

... at least I am trying to...

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

I like that quote from Jack Kerouac and I strongly believe it is true. You should travel, you should see the world with your own eyes. You should laugh and cry, love and be loved… you should live!!! 


... it's a long story ...

Long ago, in the last century, I chose one, at that time, young and promising industry for my professional orientation – IT Development. The first personal computers slowly build their way into the everyday world, and I’m one of those who have ZX81, Spectrum and Commodore 64 in my portfolio. I have never repented of the decision to dedicate myself to computer science, but some long-standing loves have never ceased to be a part of my life.

At the age of 12, I was one of the youngest members and competitors in the local cycling club … out of two that existed relatively near to me at the time (read relatively as 50ish kilometers away). My father has been a football player all his life, playing for some of the famous teams at the time. Later he was working as a football coach. Until his late years, he played football, often far better than the younger ones he trained. How he went over the fact that his only son had never shown the slightest desire to be part of the football world, is not clear to me. However, his son was a very good cyclist, one of the most promising mountain riders, and only the fact that each day he had to ride 40 kilometers to his club turned him away from semi-professional cycling waters.

In those years, I got my first camera. It was a Zenith TTL, Russian 35mm SLR camera with M42 thread mount. As close to a professional camera as possible. I remember that at the age of 15, I kept all my pocket money to improve the camera with a 135mm 2.8 telephoto lens. The photo lab from our basement has been lost for decades, as well as mentioned Zenith camera. But, the Pentacon Auto 135mm f2.8 MC is still there and thanks to the excellent and very cheap Fotga M42 Adapter, it still makes some photos on my Sony A6000.

In the late 20’s I discovered the magic of hiking. Soon enough, I visited many mountain destinations in Serbia, and later some more exotic ones. Although all of these locations seem modest to me, I climbed numerous peaks over 3,000 meters, climbed the rooftops of Europe and the Balkans and enjoyed views of the Alps, Carpathians, Balkan Range, and the Pyrenees … Only the early injuries prevented me from reaching some greater heights.

When all these large and some small passions come together, you get someone who loves to hike, ride a bike pretty well, and have relatively competent photography experience. That’s me. A guy who can travel either by bicycle or on foot to some of the most remote parts and make pretty decent photos of that area. In short – landscape photographer 😉

Passo del Bernina

And Last but not least...

Where I've been and where I'll go

… and much much more …

There is a location you have visited or want to visit.

There is a hidden gem somewhere in your neighborhood that you think should be photographed.

You want to decorate the living room wall with a photo of your favorite location.

Nothing easier; contact me or hire me –  I’m always hungry for new ideas.